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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Fragments Against Reparations

Some folks West Philly sent this zine to us to share around with friends and comrades. You can read the text here and download the well-designed pdf for printing here, and as always it’s available on the zine and agitprop section. “This text is written with the intent to provoke critical discussion about reparations. Most […]

An Enthusiastic Response to “Black Armed Joy”

Here we have a response that was emailed to us with the author asking us to publish it on our site. We saw no reason not to do so as we hope to see more critical engagements (they don’t always have to positive!) with Black Armed Joy. Of course, we want to emphasize this does […]

Black Armed Joy: Some Notes Towards a Black Theory of Insurrectionary Anarchy

Note from haters cafe: This essay was submitted to us by a group of Black anarchists that wish to remain anonymous, the haters collective are not the authors. As always, you can find a zine version of this essay here, please feel free to print and distribute it. Pour une traduction française, cliquez ici This […]

The Interregnum: The George Floyd Uprising, the coronavirus pandemic, and the emerging social revolution

This is a piece written collectively by a group called “Your Lazy Comrades” and sent to be published by Haters Cafe. A poster and zine of this text can be found here, please feel free to print and distribute this text. Puedes leer la traducción al español en el proyecto CHUSMA CHUSMA We believe that […]